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Construction Rules in Koh Samui Explained

Posted by Celia Verner on August 3, 2021

Koh Samui Construction Rules Beach/City

In this article we will explain about beach and city “Zone”, building in sloping land will be another post. Here are important building rules on Koh Samui based on criteria like the distance between the building area and the beach.

No construction is allowed within 10 meters of the beach.

From 10 meters to 50 meters from the beach the construction of a property must be only one level and the height must not exceed six meters, the roof included. The area of each building must not exceed 75 m² but is possible to build 1 or more construction that will also be maximum 75 m2 in this case it’s important to keep the gap of 4 meters between them.

From 50 meters to 200 meters from the beach is allowed, the construction of real estate whose height must not exceed twelve meters, including the roof, the floor area must not exceed 2,000 m².

At more than 200 meters from the beach, the construction of all real estate is authorized, the height of which does not exceed twelve meters, without the restriction of area.

The Zones

There are also zones that have simple building rules. Some zones have restrictions on building a house, a hotel, a shopping center, and any real estate project in Koh Samui.

It is strongly recommended that you check with the relevant authorities of Samui island on your own or with the help of a lawyer, to find out what can be built before acquiring land.

Obtaining a Building Permit

In Thailand, the building permit must be requested from the municipality “Tesaban”.

The latter approves or refuses the application for a building permit. For the permit to be issued, the future property must meet standards that differ according to the distance between the buildings and the beach, as explained before.  

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