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Koh Samui Best Retirement Destination

Posted by Celia Verner on July 29, 2021

Why Is Koh Samui The Perfect Retirement Destination?

Koh Samui is a famous tourist location around the world thanks to its scenic beauty and lovely beaches, but that is not all. The Thai Island boasts a peaceful atmosphere along with a thriving community that adds to its numerous reasons for being the perfect retirement destination. Not only does it boast an ever-increasing community of retirees, but it also offers the ideal climate that many find unmatchable anywhere else.

So what makes Samui one of the top destinations for retirees to sit back, relax and enjoy their life in utmost peace? Is it the friendly locals, glistening beaches, or top-notch healthcare? Let us find out.

happy senior swearing snorkel beach

The Cost Of Living:

When looking for a nice place to settle once you retire, a person’s primary focus is on whether the cost of living is affordable or not. Let us take a look at the cost of living in Koh Samui:

Housing Cost:

The first significant cost that retirees would want to look into is that of housing. You will be happy to know that Koh Samui properties are much cheaper than others like Phuket which is why investors for around the globe are investing in Koh Samui real estate. 

Depending upon your requirements and your desired lifestyle, retirees can have a comfortable lifestyle for around $1400 a month. If you can afford anywhere between $2000 to $2400, you can live quite lavishly. And if budget is not an issue, there are plenty of ways you can spend your money.

Food Costs:

When it comes to food options, retirees will have a pretty diverse choice of dining venues to choose from. Almost everything ranging from street food to restaurants to Koh Samui hotels is on offer, and seafood is always available fresh at your disposal. Whether you are looking for amazing Thai cuisine, Italian, Japanese or French, the island has it all.

For those who are on a budget and are looking to cut down on their eating costs, they can do so by eating locally. Locally grown vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood cost far less compared to imported items. Moreover, you can enjoy a hearty meal at an authentic Thai restaurant for less than $5, that too with a drink.

Healthcare Costs:

The island boasts four private hospitals with specialists in all fields, including the famous Bangkok Hospital Samui. The island also has many local clinics run by thorough professionals. Regular consultations usually cost anywhere between 10 to 14 dollars. Public hospitals charge much less, and the doctors are very well trained, and most of them work at private hospitals.

Optical and dental care also costs less. A dental checkup usually costs around $50, whereas an eye test and prescription glasses can range anywhere between 70 to 200 US dollars.

Koh Samui Lifestyle:

Before we talk about anything else, let us first look at the security conditions of the island. Ko Samui has an incredibly low crime rate as the government has a zero-tolerance policy. You will see people leaving their vehicles and homes unlocked which is something you won’t even find in the developed American and European cities.

Now, let us look at what else you can do on this adventurous Samui island:

Food Options:

You will be surprised to know that the island boasts more than a thousand restaurants along with several food stalls and markets that offer yummy treats. If you are in the mood to dine out in a fancy restaurant, you can do so at a reasonable price.

Friendly Locals:

Are you feeling nervous about settling in a new place with little to no friends?

Well, start thinking otherwise, as the friendly locals and a continuous influx of tourists will give you plenty of opportunities to make new friends. You can head off to the party on the beach, play tennis in the evening or simply go to the nearest park and mingle with the super friendly Thai people.

Unlimited Adventure:

What does one look forward to once they retire?

You guessed it, a lifestyle full of adventure, and that is precisely what you will have on the happening Koh Samui island. You can make the most of the many thrilling adventure-filled activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, tennis, fishing, horseback riding, and many more.

Easy Access To All Basic Life Necessities:

For starters, you will have direct access to every basic necessity on the island. The supermarkets and stores are always stocked with local and imported groceries. You can get your hands on your favorite piece of furniture or any electronic of your choice.

Another fantastic factor is that you will have easy access to different countries at a considerably lower cost. Thanks to an international airport located on the Thai island, you can get tickets to your favorite destinations, which are mostly available at discounted rates. Living right in the middle of Asia, you will be able to travel more while spending less.

Final Words:

Koh Samui is a relaxing destination that will offer retirees the perfect place filled with luxury, safety, and adventure. Whether it is the friendly locals, glistening beaches, or the basic life necessities, every aspect of Koh Samui welcomes retirees and those looking to settle here with open arms.

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