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Koh Samui Excellent Investment Returns

Posted by Celia Verner on August 11, 2021

Koh Samui Excellent Return on Investment

Over the past two years in Koh Samui, more and more foreigners are choosing to move to this island. Thanks to its infrastructure, residents find comfort, safety, and excellent quality of life.

Why Samui Island?

Among these infrastructures, we find the International Airport which has several daily connections to Bangkok, Airbus A-319/ A-320 are 70% of the fleet.  Koh Samui airport is now international, is it possible to flight to Kua Lumpur, Singapore, or Hon-Kong and more destination in Asia.

Koh Samui also has internationally renowned hospitals, as the famous “Samui Bangkok Hospital”, a notorious brand that can be found in Phuket, Pattaya and in Bangkok.

Who Buy Property in Koh Samui?

Most of the foreigner peoples that buy property in Koh Samui are from Europe. Then are Chinese people, and Asian, very few from America and or Middle East.

Over the last 15 years the quality of the houses built has improved. The materials, the seriousness of certain promoters and suppliers. Those who buy a property for the first time in the island, often build a second house because the villa rental market in Koh Samui is booming.

Where to Buy in Samui for Best Return?

Number one is the sea view, it is one of the first things tourists look at when it comes to choosing a property for rent. The second important point is the location, because a beautiful sea view depending on where it is located on the island of Samui, it is not the same return on investment.

On the map below we can see that all the zone on the right are more expensive, is also the most popular areas.

Chaweng, Choeng Mon, Bophut, Chaweng Noi, Lamai, Hua Thanon are the most popular places so the best-expected property investment returns.koh samui map show best area to build houses

If you buy a pool villa in Taling Ngam, you will have less chance to rent to fully book your rental season.

Which Platform to Rent Villas in Samui?

In Koh Samui without contest, Airbnb is the most popular rental platform. From the point of view of our experience, this is totally true. The other villa rental websites do not perform as well, again from our point of view.

What percentage of return on investment in Koh Samui?

To answer that question, let me ask another question. How fast can a motorcycle go? It depends on who drove it, right? Well the return on investment of real estate in Koh Samui depends on who will take care of it.

Is the villa well maintained? Is the property’s Airbnb page well done, nice photos? Is the information real and well explained? Is the price fair? are there any good reviews?

Louer des villas aux touristes est un vrai métier, et quand c’est bien fait le retour sur investissement est élevé.


Whether you want to buy a villa, to build it, or to rent on Airbnb, contact us, we do have experience in Thailand since 2003.


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