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Koh Samui Home Thermal Insulation

Posted by Aime Kraiya on January 15, 2022

Home Thermal Insulation Koh Samui Construction

Koh Samui is known for having a tropical climate with constant heat all year round. A good home builder will offer solutions to insulate the walls of your future construction.
On the island of Koh Samui, house construction until 2016 was done with only 1 concrete block of 7cm. I let you then understand why inside it is so hot. Air condition and fans were turned on all the time.

So they started building with 20cm concrete blocks, but that wasn’t enough, in Samui, the sun beats down hard on the walls. The solution was actually very simple, but many constructors do not care too much.

How our builder insulates walls from the heat in Samui?

The easiest way is to double the blocks! Yes, instead of putting in one 20cm concrete block, which the heat can easily radiate the interior of the house, our builder uses two 7cm concrete blocks.
In that way, there is 6 cm of air between the two 7cm blocks which will prevent the heat from the outside block from heating up on the inside block of the house. look at the photo, it’s very easy to understand.

construction wall two concrete block

If a builder in Koh Samui does not offer you this solution, come to meet us, we care about your future property.

Saving Energy in Koh Samui 

Wall insulation in Koh Samui is an ecological and economical gesture. Pollute less by using less electricity from fans and air conditioners.

Does the thermal insulation of your home in Koh Samui matter to you? Contact us, our builder has the solutions.
It doesn’t cost more, even if it’s double the work of mounting 2 concrete blocks instead of just one, contact us for a quote.

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