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Thailand May Be The Most Safest Place On Earth

Posted by Celia Verner on August 1, 2021

Thailand Most Safest Place In The World

Serene Beaches, thrilling adventures, rich culture, and unique architecture make the exotic land of Thailand one of the most visited places on the Earth every year. It’s no surprise that Thailand is the first choice of honeymooners and thrill-seekers alike.

It’s not just the tranquility of the beaches and the warmness of the locals that have spurt the country’s tourist industry, but it is also one of the safest places on Earth, due to which Thailand and its amazing Thai Islands have caught the eye of international real estate investors.

The Hidden Virtues of Thailand

Let’s get to know the fantastic land of Thailand a little better:

Safest Place To Visit And Live

When deciding to visit a foreign country, your safety is the first thing you are concerned about. Well, this Land of Smiles has been rated the least dangerous country in Southeast Asia for travelers. The government here has zero-tolerance for crime, and the rules and regulations are implemented strictly.

You may not believe it, but locals do not lock their cars and houses because each crime in Thailand is punished severely, making it a safe zone for locals and tourists.

Thailand Is Pocket Friendly

Experiencing the best at the least cost, what more can an adventure geek want?

The cheap traveling options across the country, affordable, delicious food, and pocket-friendly rental options available make it the best tourist destination for people with all kinds of budgets. The airlines like Air Asia are always offering sales, and the bus fares are reasonably low.

Something For Everyone

The country’s diverse landscape allows its visitors to experience a vast number of excursions piling up in their wish list. From visit the archaeological sites to satisfy your history craze to spending time in elephant sanctuaries, you are sure to collect some great memories.

  • Majestic Temples: With over more than 40,000 temples spread all over the country, each has a story to tell with the grandeur that speaks for itself. These Thailand temples date back to various dynasties expressing the architectural mastery of that time. Exploring them will surely leave you in awe.
  • Picture-Perfect Islands: Where the country is full of pristine beaches and picture-perfect islands, it’s hard to discover a place that you will not fall in love with. Whether you want to relax on the warm sunny beaches or prefer to dive in the deep blue seas, the experience is always admirable and soothing.
  • Plethora Of Thrilling Activities: If you are looking for some fun and thrill, you can go zip-lining through the lush green jungles, surf in the deep blue seas, trek on the trails and go water rafting. Not to forget, the incredible nightlife of amazing Thailand is another rush-inducing experience that people crave.

Thailand Is Developing Fast

Thailand economy is booming, and it’s booming fast. If we talk about Koh Samui, the island is rising as an ideal place for real estate investors to make investments and reap rich benefits. Many tourists prefer the popular tourist destination due to the ideal balance of adventurous possibilities and the state-of-the-art accommodation options available, ranging from affordable facilities to luxurious villas.

Not to forget, after Tsunami, international arrivals have shifted from Phuket to a safer zone Ko Samui. In 2011 only the island had a 24.86% increase in its international arrivals.

Given all the facts and possibilities, the experts deem Koh Samui real estate a golden island to invest in. The unspoiled beauty already has hundreds of investors drooling over it. 

Koh Samui, The Investment Paradise

You might be wondering why foreign investors have increasingly become interested in investing in this Thai island.

The Island has pleasant weather (26 °C to 30°C) all year round, making it a tourist spot that is open 12 months a year. This creates even bigger opportunities for the investors. Samui has low taxes, is safe to live in, and properties are right now affordable compared to other islands such as Phuket. Not to forget, the ROI is excellent here, especially due to low property rates at the moment.

All these factors make investing in Samui real estate is the best investment opportunity for real estate investors around the world.

Ex-Pats And Infrastructure Is A Massive Reason Behind Koh Samui Becoming An Investment Gem

The Thai Island welcomes around 1.5 million tourists every year, with estimated 10,000 ex-pats living here. These ex-pats and visitors looking for a peaceful, luxurious experience have helped the island become a prominent place attracting investors from around the globe.

Not to forget, the rapid development and availability of all basic human necessities, including an airport, hospitals, schools, shopping malls with stunning views of the sea, have been quite popular among property buyers. Where pocket-friendly apartments provide a comfortable place to live, the glamorous, fully managed villas are trending among local and foreign investors because this development’s yearly yield is over 7%.

In simple words, Thailand and its beautiful islands are nothing but heaven on Earth for tourists and now, real estate investors as well, thanks to the hidden gem that is Koh Samui.
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